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With 356 million 10-24-year-olds, as per United Nations report India has the world’s largest youth population. At present young and aspirational intheir undergrad or higher secondary phase, students seekthe best opportunities that can help them construct their desired future. Foreign education in this case not only will magnify their potentials but also prove beneficial to country and society in many ways.Here are some very obvious reasons that justify it:

1.Cyclical Global Demographics

Going by the Malthusian theory India is in phase where literacy rate of the population is increasing with better health care facilities. These statistics would increase in future but the only alteration it would produce is decline in their rapid growth of population because an educated youth would by then prefer small family. This in proportion won’t produce a vast population of youngsters then as we have now. Hence appropriate use of their energy and aspiration with standardized education, practical knowledge & skill training is in demand. Foreign universities in this case have always been ahead. Some of the most sought after universities in world have their proven legacy in these contexts.

2. Need of the Hour

With the ambition of 5trillion economy by 2024 what will be required to achieve this target would be a workforce of youth that not only aces technological innovations but also excels in resource utilization.Foreign nations that are much ahead of our nation in almost every criterion would empower our youth with latest technological and theoretical researches. Obviously, the government welcomes the foreign investment on Indian land, but a competent workforce is what that will boost up productivity. Further those looking to establish their own startups, an exposure to foreign nations where startups are highest in the world such as USA, UK, GERMANY would enhance their operation and management skills resulting in better productivity Indian student setup their setups.

3. Import of Technology& Development

Indian students who graduate or post graduate from foreign universities have a benefit in terms that advancements of science and technology along with their curriculum travel with them when they return to their homeland. The situations being different, availability of resources playing decisive role, the funding for development of particular project in Indian subcontinent would compel them to come out with a solution that fits complies on all parameters leading to attainment of goal within deadlines. If not that then the option of settling in foreign nation with better packages is always worth investigating.

4. Brand Value

Everything comes with a value. Now, when it comes to education and the educational institution, knowledge acquire top priority and then comes grade and other abilities that recruiters look in a candidate. Graduation or Post Graduation from foreign universities not add considerable weight to the resume, but also help candidate outshine. Further, exposure to international arena, knowledge of foreign language other than English& mother tongue is what student is benefitted with.

5. Will help in Self Reliance

There are sectors where the country needs import machineries, transport equipment’s, medicines, plastic from foreign nations. It not only causes enhanced expenditure from govt. treasury but also consume time for negotiations & intergovernmental settlements. A workforce of young citizens who have his/her studies in respective field requiring the country to get self-reliant would prove worthy asset. Not only would the pace of our R&D (Research&Development) fasten up, but also it would help us develop products that that are totally in compliance with Indian needs and environment. Defense, Medicine, Research and many other fields that yet to go, the youth can prefer going for these streams in foreign universities


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