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MBBS Abroad

There are approximately 68000 MBBS seats available in India (Govt. and Private both) whereas 13.3 lakh students appear in various All India and state level entrance tests. What this means is that every year, hardly 5% of the students aspiring to become a doctor, will actually get a chance to become one! So, what about remaining 95% aspirants. Some will change their stream, some will think of retrying. In both the conditions the dream of being a doctor will either be given up or be deferred to another year with a complete year going waste. Then there will be those who will consider the third option ie MBBS abroad.  Is your child considering studying Medicine abroad? With the highly competitive nature of studying Medicine in the India, studying overseas, particularly in Europe and other Asian countries is an increasingly popular option for students. Think of the benefits that come with this decision to study MBBS abroad.

No tough exams to crack

All you need is your 12th grade marks and, in some cases, your NEET score. Any student with >70% marks in 12thwill get preferential selection.  

No huge fees  

We all know that if you do not get through in a government medical college, the private college fee and donation/capitation fee etc is extremely difficult to afford for a middle class Indian family. MBBS abroad is quite affordable. A student can even complete the 6 years course in just 25 Lacs INR approx. ie 4 lacs INR per year including expenses like fee, food and hostel accomodation.

World class institutions

The options that you have for enrolling in MBBS abroad range from Russia, China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, USA and many more. The infrastructure at these institutions is world class and hospitals are very well equipped.

Low cost of living

Although a lot depends on the student’s lifestyle, still an average student can stay comfortably in options ranging from 150 USD in Ukraine to 14000 INR in China.So that is one less thing to worry for Indian parents.The hostels are well maintained and many of them offer Indian food too. Quality of education Student gets admission in excellent government medical institutions without donation and any hidden charges. They get good quality of education from highly qualified faculty and great lab facilities. Not just this, the teacher to student ratio is 1:15/18 that means 1 teacher for every 15-18 students resulting in personalised attention.

English Medium

One of the biggest advantage is that the medium of instruction of the course is English. So it will cause no distress to Indian Students. However, many institutions offer to teach the language of their country to make the adjustment in a foreign land easier.  

What do students need to consider before studying abroad?

There are many factors to consider before applying to a university overseas. We encourage your child to research a range of options and programmes before applying to an institution. They need to consider questions such as:  Will they enjoy living in a new country and learning a new language?   Interacting with patients in their native language?  Will this degree allow them to practice Medicine in the India if they choose to return?   Before you start on your MBBS Abroad journey, let us update you with the  list of international medical institutions that are approved by MCI. The MCI has made it very clear on their official page as to which international medical education institutions are recognized by MCI in a detailed list: If it is your aim to come back to practice medicine in India post studies, please be careful to choose a medical institution recognised by MCI for your future studies.      





Countries For MBBS Abroad:

  • China
  • Russia
  • USA
  • Germany
  • Ukraine
  • Kazakhztan
  • Georgia

And Many More…

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped ” Tony Robbins


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