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Study with Work Facility

While studying in a foreign university is surely a wise decision as it ensures better future with finer work opportunities, expenses involved in study programme with living cost at same time are major concern.

The burden however on the pocket can be reduced by part time jobs that not only help students to earn their pocket money but also help them to mix up well into foreign culture. Let us look at some of the best countries that have study with work programmes.

1. United Kingdom

While UK (United Kingdom) has some of the best universities in the world, students who belong to Non-European origin would prefer to work in their free time. However, there are specific rules laid down in this context such as students for degree level study programme can work for 20 hours in a week and those below it or in diploma level programme can work only for 10 hours in a week. Also, a specific Visa type that is Tier 4(General) Student Visa is required.

2. Canada

For part time jobs, students can work for maximum 20 hours a week and get paid. Now, since part time jobs comprises of few hours the Canadian Government has decided rate for per hour that is paid. The rate of payment is around $9 to $10. However, if students want to work within campus, he can get job opportunity in campus such as Research Assistant or get some other academic level job. In case of willingness to work outside the campus, anOff-Campus Work Permit which students get after completion of 6 months of study, proves beneficial.

3. Germany

Germany is one of the most favorite study destinations for student’s worldwide. Not only the education is cheap but highly qualitative; the country offers part time job provision for students. The students in order to work will have to take permit from “AgenturfürArbeit” (Federal Employment Agency) and also Foreigners Authority. Generally maximum work permit is for 20 hours a week other than this Germany divides working days in two categories that is 120 full and 240 half days in one year. Depending on the situation the part time jobs are offered to students either for either 120 full days or 240 half days.

4. France

France has World Class Universities and top class Business Schools. But at the same time, it is expensive too. Although undergraduate programme are cheaper, post graduate programme are much expensive. In order to go for part time, work the rules have provision of working for approximate 960 hours in a year for European Union. The only requirement is the institute where student is studying should have no objections and also provided the has valid residential permit. Also, the students can apply and get past time job opportunity in the university itself where they are studying. Other than this internship programme too helps students in earning money.

5. Australia

Australia is one of favorite study destination for international students. During the course and during vacations students can work to earn money for their basic expenses of daily life. One must know that students can work only for 40 hours in a time slot consisting of 14 days starting from Monday and ending on Sunday. Work can only be started after commencement of course. In case a student goes for a Post Graduate Research work he/she can work for unlimited hours after commencement of course. The basic requirement in every case is a Tax File Number that is a permit of work authorized from Government of Australia.

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